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Nehemiah Behavioral Health (NBH) offers a wide variety of training and development for our clients, parents and caregivers. We believe in providing training and development to strengthen the knowledge of our clients and their caregivers in “Best Practices” in areas of parent training, personal development, personal finances, community living, safety/precautions and job development skills.

We look forward to helping you to secure a brighter future. Please call our offices to learn more about our training and development courses programs.

Parent’s, Caregivers and Staff Training:

We are so very fortunate to have outstanding training that is also provided through the regional Community Centered Boards (CCB). Please check the following links for training that is provided on a monthly bases by the regional CCB’s.

Developmental Pathways - Logo

Developmental Pathways-


Developmental Disabilities Resource Center-


Rocky Mountains Human resources- https://www.rmhumanservices.org/search/node/Training