Women Starring Out

You Don’t Have to Struggle.

Today many children, teens, individuals and families may struggle with a variety of behavioral and emotional issues, ranging from mild anxiety and depression to severe and persistent mental illness. These issues could also include anger, attention deficit disorder (ADD) and bipolar disorder. The fact , is these struggles can interfere with the way you are a love one thinks, feels and acts.

Consider the following list of symptoms:

  • Significant stress or worry
  • Depressed or anxious mood
  • Feeling on edge, irritable, or agitated
  • Irrational fears and/or excessive anxiety (such as panic attacks)
  • Explosive emotional outbursts or suppressed rage
  • Avoidance of social activities, including withdrawal from family and friends
  • Others have expressed concern over changes in your behavior
  • Changes in appetite (significant weight loss or gain)
  • Changes in sleep patterns (hypersomnia or insomnia) or night terrors
  • Suffering from unresolved childhood traumas, including physical and sexual abuse, or neglect
  • Dissociation (trauma induced symptoms involving loss of memories (amnesia), inability to discern reality.)
  • Chemical dependence (drug or alcohol addiction)
  • Behavioral or habitual addictions
  • Acting out in an unhealthy sexual manner
  • Self-injury (cutting, burning, reckless behavior)
  • Dissatisfaction or conflicts in family situation (including marital conflicts)
  • Couple or marriage relationship problems leaving one or both of you feeling disconnected

Nehemiah Behavioral Health, as a Christian counselling center is equipped to help our clients through all stages and transitions of life. We have counsellors who specialize in children, adolescents, adults and seniors. We provide a safe environment, where an individual or the entire family, can come and start the road to recovery. We are ready to help you in any way we can, in a confidential, professional and compassionate setting.

So regardless of the phase in life you are in, and the major issues that you are facing. Help is only a phone call away.