Equine 1

Equine therapy is the discipline of using horses as a means to provide metaphoric experiences in order to promote emotional growth. The horses provide an excellent way for troubled youth to react when they are otherwise therapy resistant. Equine therapists will often teach many of the same lessons, about how horses learn, react, and follow instructions, to youths.

One example that is used often is when students are just beginning a horse therapy program, the instructor will have the horse stand in the middle of the arena. The youth are supposed to get the horse to move outside of a large circle without touching the horse at all. Many of the students often clap, whistle, and yell, all to no avail. Lessons are taught that when others, be it parents, friends, counselors, or associates try and get us to do something, the best way is not through yelling, clapping, or force.

Students will also learn how to lead a horse. Most often they begin by trying to pull on a lead rope, standing in front of the horse. They quickly learn that the best way to lead a horse is not in front or behind, but by the horse’s side. It has been proven to be very effective with patients who manifest depression, attention-deficit, conduct disorders, dissociative disorders, anxiety, dementia, autism, and many other related disorders.

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