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The Nehemiah Behavioral Health-Home and Community-Based Children’s Extensive Support (HCBS-CES) Waiver is a Medicaid program which serves children who are less than 18 years of age and who have significant medical and/or behavioral needs. In order to qualify for the service, the child must demonstrate a medical or behavioral condition that is so intense that almost constant line of sight supervision is required to keep the child and others safe; the child must also be at high risk of out-of-home placement. The child must live in the family home and be determined to meet the Federal Social Security Administration’s definition of disability.

The CES Waiver does not allow the parent or guardian of the minor enrolled in the program to provide services under the waiver. A family member who is not a parent/responsible party can be paid to provide services to the child; the family member may or may not reside with the child. The family member wishing to provide services under the waiver must be at least 18 years old and willing to meet the NBH agency requirements for hiring and be hired on as an employee of the NBH as an approved agency.

If a child requires skilled nursing care such as CNA and home health services and meets the eligibility for those services, the services may be provided by a parent under Colorado Medicaid not under the waiver. The children extensive services included the following:

Personal assistance services – assistance with personal hygiene, eating/drinking and toileting
Professional services – therapies, training, evaluation, and assessments that are not covered by other sources
Behavioral services – intervention or consultation
Home modifications – showers, toilets, or doorways
Assistive technology – intercom systems, electronic monitoring devices for the home, or mobility devices
Childcare services – respite care and supervision

These intense services and supports are intended to enable the parents/guardian to keep their child at home. We look forward to working with you. Please call our offices to arrange a meeting.