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Our Behavioral Health Services

Nehemiah Behavioral Health, as a approved services provider understands the needs of clients young and old to receive integrated personal care to meet their needs. Nehemiah Behavioral Health provides behavioral and mental health therapy through our counseling center and our staff of licensed professional therapists. We provide comprehensive behavioral services to clients with and without individuals with intellectual and developmental disabilities.

We recognize that every person is different, with unique backgrounds, experiences, and goals. Creative supports that consider multiple aspects of a person can make the difference in their daily lives. Nehemiah Behavioral Health offers a full medley of behavioral services that enhance existing strengths, while building skills to help the people we serve thrive.

We enjoy working closely with our clients as they meet with our behavioral health clinical staff and other interventionist as they address each of our client’s needs. In many case management that include Early Childhood intervention (EI) with children our therapist consultation team will include speech and occupational therapist.

Clincal Services

Individual, Family & Group Therapy
Home based Intervention
Psychiatric Consultation
Early Childhood Counseling
Functional Family Therapy
Foster & Adoptive Family Counseling
Substance Abuse Treatment
Intensive Services Team
Parent and Community Education

So regardless of the phase of life you are in, and the major issues that you are facing, help is only a phone call away.