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Break the cycle of addition by turning to Nehemiah Behavioral Health, for help in getting a fresh start to recovery. We offer a adolescent substance abuse program that will lead you to recovery through the help of our professional counselors and therapist. We help teens and families to break the cycle of addiction weather a teen is experimenting with substances or an addiction is controlling the life of an individual. We are here to help you and child through this crisis and period of uncertainty.

Nehemiah Behavioral Health, adolescent substance abuse program  can help break the cycle of addiction by partnering with us in establishing a treatment plan, that is tailored to your childs needs.  The treatment may include individual therapy, small group or family sessions. We are here to help your family by providing the right support and help.

This service is offered through Nehemiah Behavioral Health, as a full service counselling center and it’s a unique program that builds on trust and professional counselling and therapy. We understand the uniqueness of the behavioral needs and emotional needs of pre-teens and teenage substance abusers. By partnering together hope is restored.

The Process Towards Recovery

  • In working together an assessment will be completed to determine the nature and route cause of the substance abuse and the severity of the problem.
  • We will examine the family dynamics and the communications between the family members.
  • From that point we will determine a treatment plan to eliminate the substance abuse behaviors
  • We provide educational and training opportunities to help strengthen and empower you in this most challenging time.
  • You will be excited to learn new skills and tools to help overcome and maintain sobriety.
  • Other treatment options may be suggested in the planning of the building of the case management. If the severity of the problem is great, we might recommend a in-patient service within the community.

* Please note substance abuse treatment is also available to those clients that who do not have mental illness

Nehemiah Behavioral Health, as a full service counselling center is equipped to help our clients through all stages and transitions of life. We have counsellors who specialize in children, adolescents, adults and special needs population. We provide a safe environment, where an individual or the entire family, can come and start the road to recovery. We are ready to help you in any way we can, in a confidential, professional and compassionate setting. So regardless of the phase in life you are in, and the major issues that you are facing. Help is only a phone call away.